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After 5 year's of simplifying the AP exam registration process, Total Registration is excited to announce our new IB* Exam Registration Service.  Our custom solution offers schools the ability to have students register online for their school's International Baccalaureate exams.  Having the students register online saves schools a tremendous amount of time while increasing the accuracy of the school's exam order.  Total Registration offers several payment processing options allowing schools to choose whether students pay online, by mail or at school.

Total Registration has been creating exam registration solutions for schools with less than 50 exams to schools with 4200 exams since 2007.  Schools have complete control of the information collected from students. Once the students have registered we offer a large variety of reports that allow the coordinator to stay on top of the registration process. All of our reports are generated from the database the moment they are run providing the necessary information to place your order in IBIS.  This means reports are always up to date.  There is no longer a need to wait for data to be entered from paper forms.

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