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Registration Form

  • Student's register online, no more paper forms.
  • Each school has their own custom registration form.
    • Designed to compliment each school's website (banner, logo, colors)
    • Allows for a variety of information to be collected
    • Directions are tailored for each school's needs
    • Allow non-students to register for exams, such as home school students
    • Exam fee structure is variable to fit each schools needs; variable fees, late fees, fee waivers
    • Create custom questions to acquire information not covered by our standard questions
  • Each school is given their own url (web address) for their registration which can be linked to from the school's site or accessed directly.
  • Families pay online with credit card or debit card.
  • Students are given an opportunity to review their registration before submitting and paying.
  • Registration confirmation can printed by the student and is emailed to the student/parent.
  • The registration form can include a permission form for off-site testing.
  • Students can login to:
    • Edit their Information
    • Pay a Balance
    • Reprint a Confirmation
    • Add Exams

Try it  NOW - Register as a "Student" in our demonstration school to see how easy it is.

Report Center

We have many reports that you can access at the click of a button. All of the information is pulled straight from the database every time a report is run and is therefore always current.

  • Exam Reports
    • Registration Overview/Finance - An overview of your registration with total exams, total students, total fees, total collected/recorded, and many more useful statistics.
    • Exam Rosters - Rosters for all exams you offer.
    • Download Exam Rosters - Download all of the rosters as a MS Word (.doc) document. This is handy for emailing, printing, etc. This is the quickest way to print all of the rosters.
    • Download Exam Rosters w/Accommodations Separated - Download all of the rosters as one MS Word (.doc) document. This is handy for emailing, printing, etc
    • Exam Totals - Number of students registered for each exam. This is useful when it is time to place your order.
    • Exams - By Day of Exam - Lists exams, a.m./p.m., number of students for each exam day. This report is useful for planning room and proctoring assignments.
    • AP/IB Exam Conflicts - Schools with both AP and International Baccalaureate programs can quickly identify students who have and AP and IB examt that sit at the same time.
    • Registration Overview/Finance - This report gives an overview with total exams, total students, total fees, total collected/recorded, and many more useful statistics.
  • Students
    • Student List - A list of students and the exams they are registered for.
    • Student List for IBIS - A report that presents all the needed data to copy and paste into IBIS
    • Accommodations - Approve students for accommodations, view students that requested accommodations, edit accommodation notes.
    • Students with Multiple Exams on One Day - A list of students who have more than one exam on a day. This report may be useful for schools who have off campus testing.
    • Ethnicity Report - A break down of student's indicated ethnicity by exam and for all exams.
    • Gender Report - Gender Statistics for each of the exams as well as your entire exam administration
    • Gender by Ethnicity - A great report for district/state/federal statistics showing the gender breakp-down within each ethnic group by exam.
    • Free/Reduced Lunch - A report of students who are receiving discounted exams due to the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program, very helpful for the College Board paper work and invoicing.
    • Custom Report - a report containing any of the data you desire, including responses to any custom questions.
  • Finances/Payment
    • Enter Payment Information - Search for a student and enter a payment made at school.
    • Batch Payment Entry - Enter payments for several students using a "table" based interface.  Great when entering many payments.
    • Balance Due/Paid in Full/Over Paid - Students who have a Balance Due, are Paid in Full or Over Paid
    • Free or Reduced Lunch Students- Students that checked that they are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch
    • Record a Refund - Here you can record a refund given to a student. This is helpful if a student decides not to take an exam. You can enter the amount of the refund.
    • Payment Report - Payments & Waivers recorded during a particular time period.
  • Communications
    • Email Lists - Generate email lists for students that meet various criteria (taking a particular exam, free/reduced, etc).
    • Email Teachers Rosters - Email all teachers the respective rosters as pdfs.
    • Discrepancy Email - You can use this to send a bulk email to the students who still owe money.
    • Send Email reminder of email used in the past - Schools who using TR in the past can remind students the email address they used to register for past exams (AP, PSAT, IB)
  • Record Management
    • Database Management (Student Record Management) - View, Edit, Delete entries, Reprint Confirmations, Add or Remove exams for a student.
    • Free/Reduced Waiver Approval - Use this if you requested that Free/Reduced waiver students have their waiver approved. 
    • Free/Reduced Waiver Denied Students - Students who were previously denied a Free/Reduced Lunch Waiver
      Approve/Deny Exam Cancellations - Approve or Deny student requests to cancel an exam registration.
      Download the Entire Database - This allows you to save a download of the database so that you can import it into other programs such as MS Excel or MS Access.
      Register a Student - This link bypasses the begin and end date checking so it works even outside of the registration "window".

Try it  NOW - Log in as the "admin" at our demonstration school and try all the reports in the IB Report Center.

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