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Here is what some of our client schools have to say about our AP exam regsitration service.

Total Registration’s service is priceless.  The time it saves and the stress it relieves is worth its weight in gold.  We use TR for PSAT and AP, and look forward to using it for IB registration in 2015.  The ease of the TR site and support team really makes…. registration, correspondence, reports, accounting, and the entire process seamless. 

We Love Total Registration!

Lori Klotz - Harrison  High School - Farmington Hills, MI 


As a first year high school testing coordinator, at a fairly large school, I knew nothing about AP.  A fellow coordinator had used Total Registration and encouraged me to do the same.  I loved the ease of it and the reports I could run to help me with ordering, with free/reduced lunch waivers, counts, and communication with those registered.  The kids could register at their convenience and parents could pay online.  I hate to think of the record keeping I would have to do had I not used TR.  It was a life saver.

Lori Hart - Denton High School - Denton, TX 


Our school used Total Registration for the first time this year, based upon several conversations I had as AP Coordinator with Mike Elings, General Manager.  I was able to see how the registration process worked and thought that it would be worth our time trying this out. In the past, I have had students pay at our school site, and there were errors in what they were paying for.  Due to the volume of tests that our students take, accuracy is important.  I particularly liked that they could select what they wanted to pay for and that teachers could check the rosters of who had paid.  In addition, I was able to state our school policies easily so that there were no errors.  I also liked that they had to supply a working e-mail address for both student and parent (our school's e-mails that we have on file are sometimes wrong), so if I needed to contact them, I could easily. 

We will definitely be using Total Registration in the future for AP exam registration!

Caroline Rubio - Dublin High School - Dublin, CA 


We increased our AP exam administration by 82% this year.  I believe this is due to the communication possible throughTotal Registration.

Liza Sejkora - Hgiley High School - Higley, AZ


I had two students approach me this week (exams start Monday) trying to tell me they registered when they didn't. I love Total Registration. I have a print-out to show students who began the registration process but who didn't complete it as well as a report of all students who registered and how they paid (check number, online transaction, or fee waiver). I have all the proof I need. No human error on our end. You make ordering and payment and report-printing a breeze. You provide class rosters as well as summary reports. This is so much easier than doing it in-house at our school. Thank you!!!

Janet Wilson - Eugene Ashley High School - Wilmington, NC


I loved the ease of the system from the beginning to the end. The ease of registering online was great. The email feature to be able to contact students/parents was extremely useful. I hope that we can use online payment feature next year. Thanks so much!

Shannon O'Brien - Palatine High School,  Palatine, IL


I run very tight guidelines with regard to AP testing, sign up, etc. This program took 100% of the sign up out of the hands of my administrative assistant. Her time was saved. Because we decided to do this so late, I had all the forms prepared/copied/etc. so I hope next year that this will be less time consuming. The part I really loved was that parents didn't try to get me to waive the late fee or make any monetary adjustments. All via the web. I loved it!

Joan Fee - Normal Community High School,  Normal, IL


We have used Total Registration for the past two years at Doherty High School here in the Springs.   Our process this year was even more streamlined than last year thanks to TR and their wonderful staff.  Those of us who oversee the testing at Doherty have saved COUNTLESS hours of work through the use of your service.  As always, I appreciate the quick responses that I receive from either Mike personally or your support staff when we have a question.

Sue Keller - Doherty High School,   Colorado Springs, CO


I can’t imagine doing the registration any other way now.  It was scary for my anal self to “jump on board” and give up some control, but I have now done it for 2 years and will never go back.  The biggest thing was not having to handle the money in house.  Out of 485 exams, 123 were fee waiver students where some of those students have limited access to credit cards.  The mail in system for those students was very easy and all of the students were serviced easily.  Our bookkeeper was very happy to not have a ton of students coming in separately to pay!  It also helped us stick to deadlines!

Also, at Mike’s suggestion, I used a cheap bar code scanner to scan each student’s AP label into the Excel database that I had and it was very easy and a huge time saver.  I used to have someone read each AP number to

Amy Winslow - West Aurora High School,  Aurora, IL


Total Registration has been a HUGE time-saver for us.  This is my 6th year as the AP Coordinator for our school and by far the best registration/exam administration we've had, thanks to TR.

Valerie Tucker - Pleasant Valley High School,  Bettendorf. IA


I have used Total Registration for three years now to manage our AP exams and I honestly can’t imagine doing it any other way.  I find that my questions are answered very quickly and the support team is superb.  It truly helps organize the many details one incurs when dealing with multiple exams and many students.

Lisa Neid - Carroll Senior High School,  Southlake , TX


As the AP Coordinator of a large suburban high school, I was saved this year by Total Registration. With budget cuts to our district (as many of yours), the sole responsibility for registering, administering, and paying for AP exams falls to me. In past years, I had to create and receive the registrations, write receipts by hand, create an Excel spreadsheet, and triple check that the exam order was correct. Completing all of the above and more, Total Registration gave me time to devote to other duties and made my life less stressful at the busiest time of year in school buildings. Thank you, TR - I will never return to the “dark side” of AP exam registration!

Mimi Dyer - Kennesaw Mountain High School, Kennesaw, GA


I can't imagine why anyone would want to do AP Registration in-house. The time saved was invaluable! Not having to handle payments was wonderful! Can't say enough good things!

Deb Alexander - Fossil Ridge High School, Fort Collins, CO


Not only did Total Registration streamline the entire registration process, it helped me set up classroom rosters for testing, simplified the identification of free & reduced lunch students, and made my life as a coordinator 100% easier. I cannot sing the praises of Total Registration enough! I am telling everyone I know!

Brian Williams - Elkins High School, Missouri City, TX


I just have to say after I’ve muddled through this first year, this rocks!!  I would recommend it to any school no matter how large or small their AP program is.  Thanks so much for all the help and support.

Melodi Graessle - Jefferson City High School, Jefferson City, MO


Total Registration is so impressive.  Ordering was simplified, and I am certain our behind-the-scenes test process will be just as smooth.

THANK advance!

Maureen Meyer - Barrington High School - Barrington, IL


I really enjoyed working with TR people again this year. This is a great program and has saved me countless hours and levels of frustration. Thank you.

Becky Kelley - Wasington High School - Sioux Falls, SD


This is my second year as the AP Coordinator. We are also using Total Registration this year. It has been a HUGE time savings for me in the coordination process. Our school secretaries appreciated the time savings too as they would usually collect the payments. It also simplified things for parents/students to register and pay online. Through Total Registration I was also able to send an email reminder to the students about the pre-administration sessions.

I would completely recommend Total Registration!

Lynn Fischer - Kimberly High School - Kimberly, WI
As posted on the College Board's AP Coordinator EDG


I love Total Registration!! It makes a very stressful time of the year bearable. I would fight long and hard if my administration tried to make me cut it from the budget.

Kerry Plesco - Plum Senior High School - Pittsburgh, PA


Thank you for all your help during all aspects of the Total Registration process.  The one thing that really stands out about your company, are all the quick responses to my questions via email.  I thought for sure trying to send an email to receive an answer and direction when you're in the middle of any one project, would take forever.  This was not the case, all responses were immediate - with little to no down time.

Carol Anderson - Lakes Community HS - Lake Villa, IL


Total Registration was a life saver and a big stress reducer. I would prescribe it for anyone needing to multi-task and be proficient on numerous projects and programs during the busy spring "end-of-year" crunch.

Jim Williams - Sun Valley High School - Monroe, NC


I absolutely LOVE Total Registration and will continue to use it. It saved me time, I got to spend more time with my family after work, and the accuracy was impeccable!!! Thank you Mike and the Total Registration staff!

Tracey Lilly - Lafayette Senior High School - Lexington, KY


Every day we said "Thank You Total Registration!".

Kristen Mancini - Carmel High School - Carmel, NY


This year we elected to use an on-line registration site ( This is a GREAT site. The kids pre-select as part of registration which pre-admin they want to sign up for. The kids register online and all the exam totals, student info, alternate exams, waivers, accommodations are all compiled via this program. You have to pay for the site but this has been a huge success and a relief for tracking all the information. The site was linked to our homepage.

All coordinators need to do is an initial set-up and the rest is done....Very smooth, Very Easy .....The data collection is automatic When you need to order exams, you can print rosters from the site and or just exam totals.

Kevin Thompson - North Allegheny Senior High School - Wexford, PA
As posted on the College Board's AP Coordinator EDG


I would just like to say again how wonderful your program is and you have helped us to save so much time and extra work! We love it!

Maria Rao - North Brunswick Township HS - North Brunswick, NJ


In that case, I’ll reply with a testimonial.  I’m a second-year AP Coordinator in Minnesota giving 1,140 exams this year.  Total Registration has saved me scores of hours leading up to and during the exam weeks for less than a dollar per student.

I didn’t handle a single registration form or check (except for a couple late ones) this year.  When I need a test roster for the attendance office, I just produce it live off of their site.  It’s fantastic, and I couldn’t imagine running this program without it.  Besides that, Mike is fabulous at responding to my inquiries for help and even at incorporating new features as I’ve suggested them.  College Board could learn about customer service from Total Registration.

I too am bothered by teachers who send out all-school emails about their kids’ girl scout cookies, about sponsoring them a bike race, or other non-related stuff.  But Total Registration is a pretty niche service for AP Coordinators, and this forum is where I learned about it.  I’m glad the info was available when I was trying to figure out how to run this program for the first time last year, and will continue to recommend it to anyone who feels overburdened by coordinating AP.

Chris Lenius- Chaska SHS and Chanhassen HS - MN
As posted on the College Board's AP Coordinator EDG


This site was very helpful! Our state has added new assessments and it helps that I am able to help the other counselors with those and am not spending all of my time on paperwork for AP exams.

Mary Pozaric - Shelby County High School - Shelbyville, KY


Thank you, love the site and service. YOU are such a big help!!!

Annemarie Carabelli - Utica High School - Utica, MI


Very helpful service. Saved me a lot of time!

Rebecca Bloomfield - Holly Springs High School - Holly Springs, NC


Using Total Registration has been a great addition for us this year! Just yesterday, we were able to complete a task that took about 4 hours last year in only about 2 hours! It has been wonderful having all of the numbers, data, payment info, etc. at our fingertips!

Randi Cialdella - Pike High School - Indianapolis, IN


This was my happiest AP year by far!!!! Thank you.

Anita Barkan - Westhill High School - Stamford, CT


Thanks for making my life a little easier. I am so thankful for TR's database and service.

Melanie Raynor - Needham B Broughton High School - Raleigh, NC


Thank YOU for all the support you have given me during the entire process. I was extremely impressed by the speed during which you have always answered our queries to ensure that the registration process has gone so smoothly. It was very nice working with you on this and we extend our thanks to you and all your team.

Barbara Budd - Zurich International School - Zurich, Switzerland


There are a lot of new reports added from when we first started with you guys. I love all of the additions. Each year, you make my job easier and testing more efficient. Especially since our testing numbers go up every year. We are expecting to give over 1600 this year. Yikes! But no worries with TR in our court.

Kathy Leuthner - Wayzata High School - Plymouth , MN


Total Registration is the easiest most efficient program/software/vendor that I have every worked with. Thank you for the conviences of Total Registration.

Gayle Kenefick - Westborough High School  - Westborough , MA


Thank you so much - Total Registration saved me hours of work and kept me totally organized.  Your site made the whole AP administration so much easier for students, parents, teachers, and the coordinator (me)!  We are huge fans and will continue using TR for years to come!

Sima Misquitta - Baldwin High School - Pittsburgh, PA

Total Registration has made AP Registration very effective and efficient.  The amount of time that is reduced in registering our students is a HUGE benefit.  Without the ability to neglect my other duties, Total Registration has allowed me and my staff to adequately manage the large task of AP Registration.

Elton Parish - George Rogers Clark HS - Winchester, KY


Total Registration was an incredible tool to help me save time with registration for AP exams. The process was very simple and allowed for the AP Coordinator to quickly organize test materials and pre-administration sessions. Total Registration is a must have for years to come!

Kim Colon - Lone Star High School - Frisco, TX


Perfect! You remain to be AWESOME!!! Thank you for your prompt solutions to our school’s requests.

Christy Teague - Dupont Manuel High School  - Louisville, KY


As a first year AP Coordinator, Total Registration saved me so much time and what I know would have been frustration that I will use the service again and again.  Every aspect of the program is easy to use! All information needed was just a click away!  Next year, I won't worry near as much since I know Total Registration will do most of the work for me.

Jackie Smith - Centennial High School- Frisco, TX


I have been the administrator overseeing the Advanced Placement testing for many years.  However, this past year we lost staffing in our counseling department and I became the AP coordinator at our site.  Along with this came the task of organizing and monitoring the actual AP testing from start to finish.  Total Registration was a great resource to use during the registration process as well as ordering the exams.  The report center was helpful in making testing room assignments.  I will be working with Total Registration again next year for our AP testing needs.

Greg Stone - Los Alamitos HS - Los Alamitos, CA


The worry over wondering if I'd tallied the exams correctly is gone! Thank you for making the process smoother for me and my students.

Whitney Schmale - Olathe East High School - Olathe, KS


Total Registration has been a blessing and I cannot imagine not using it! It saved us hours of work and helped in every aspect of our AP Registration and Administration.

Abby Cole - Wakeland High School - Frisco, TX


We have used Total Registration for two years now and it has been an outstanding experience.  We have a large AP program and Total Registration has saved me hours since I no longer have to enter all of the test registration information on spreadsheets.  They have reports for things that you don't even realize you need, but have been very useful.  If I have any problems, questions or suggestions, they are very quick to help and respond. They are very knowledge about the AP program and very customer focused. 

 I can't ever imagine having our AP registration without Total Registration. 

 - Traci Nassar - Jenks High School - Jenks, Oklahoma


I used Total Registration for the first time this year.  I am now their biggest fan.  They are forward-thinking, responsive and innovative, and going online helped not only my processes, but also got our instructors more involved (they took their classes as a whole to our computer labs to sign the kids up). 

My record keeping this year is 100% accurate because of using Total Registration.  I wish I had found them earlier! 

-Toby Wright - Eaglecrest High School - Centennial, CO


I definitely recommend this service; on the front end it saved me tons of time organizing and tracking data.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Penny Deck - Maggie L. Walker  Governor's School - Richmond, VA


I would highly recommend Total Registration.  This was the first year (2010) we used it and it saved me hours.  Ordering online, being able to print exam lists, free and reduced lists, attendance lists; it was wonderful.

- Sharon Fontana - Kamiakin High School - Kennewick, WA

It's my first year with Total Registration  this year and I love it. It actually saved my fanny many times because I could access information so quickly.

Paula Emery - Lakeridge High School - Lake Oswego, OR


I really don't know where to begin with my praise for Total Registration! Quite simply, T.R. has totally streamlined and simplified the AP Exam registration process for me, for my AP teachers, and for our students. As I was setting up our account, my endless questions were answered quickly, patiently, and completely. As our exam registration window opened, students found the site extremely easy to navigate, and not one student had any problems registering. For the record, this year we have 325 students taking nearly 650 exams! The elimation of tedious paperwork was a true blessing for all of us. And the ability to generate virtually any type of report that you could ever want or need has made my "AP life" so much more efficient. The cost of this service has already paid for itself several times over!

Jeff Lukens - Roosevelt High School - Sioux Falls. SD


Total Registration saves an enormous amount of time in this huge task of running AP Exams. TR offers the credit card option to parents who appreciate that choice. The many 'user friendly' reports provided in the TR service help organize the sales process and give instant feedback when needed. Give Total Registration a try... I think you will find it worth the investment.

Raymond Hall - Poway High School - San Diego, CA


Total Registration enabled me to register our students and order AP exams in a fraction of the time that I normally spend on these activities. I will never go back to my old spreadsheets!

Laura Blake - Austin High School - Houtson, TX


Total Registration is a must have for AP Registration! The whole AP process was so much more organized with this tool. Total Registration came up with reports I didn't even know I needed but that saved me so much time! Initially when I was looking into Total Registration I was worried about the cost. With so many great features I was expecting it to be out of our budget. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. It is worth every penny!

Jenny Wander - New Ricmond High School - New Richmond, WI 


This was my first experience with Total Registration, and it was simplified by the fact that we did not use the online payment option. Without question, the Total Registration web-based registration for AP Exams produced the most accurate registration I have ever accomplished (and past registrations were good)! This translates to fewer unused exam fees.

Kudos to Wake County PSS for providing for this service, and of course, to the Total Registration Team for such an easy to use and efficient process. Hopefully, next year's AP registration will include online payment.

Ron Brown - Cary High School - Cary, NC


So far this has been an amazing program and we are extremely impressed with the quality of the website and the incredible amount of available information.

- Mt. Carmel High School- San Diego, CA

Our parents love the clarity and ease of the Total Registration site. The reactions of parents, students, and teachers have been extremely positive about registering online. The ability to pay using credit cards has been a boon for us!

- Adlai E Stevenson High School - Lincolnshire, IL


Dee and I would just like to thank you for a wonderful website. We just talked and we both agree that this has made registering for the AP and collecting money so easy. Everything is on the website that we need and you have worked so well with us throughout the past couple of months. We just wish that this would have been done years ago. You are the best.

- Baldwin High School - Pittsburgh, PA



I’ve got to say, this is money well spent. I have never experienced such a calm and well-organized registration. Thanks for your work.

- Francis W Parker School - Chicago, IL


This has been a terrific experience so far; it has made my life so much easier! The new additions (new reports) are great!

- Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles for Boys - Los Angeles, CA


We just want you to know how happy we are with the on-line registration and your amazingly quick response when we have a question.  We can't even explain how much easier this has made our whole process.

Also, I want you to know that other MN districts are becoming aware of this program!  Because our school will offer any one of the AP exams, students from other districts are registering to take exams at our school.  I have been getting calls from AP coordinators in other districts asking a lot of questions.

Thank you so much for all of your help and support.  We LOVE this process!

- Wayzata HS - Plymouth, MN


"It went EXTREMELY well.  I was just telling one of our assistant principals yesterday about Total Registration and what a wonderful investment I think it is.  As the person who did all of the various reports and constantly had to update information, I think it’s probably the best $100 we’ve ever spent on a project to simplify our workload in the guidance office! "

- Perry County Central High School - Hazard, KY


Your program has made our AP registration so easy.  I cannot tell you how much time it has saved me.  Thanks so much.

- La Porte High School - La Porte, TX


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