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What is the purpose of using a late fee?
Reference Number: AA-00133 Views: 4798 Created: 2009-12-19 23:31 Last Updated: 2014-01-02 15:38 0 Rating/ Voters

Our users have reported that a late fee motivates students to register for exams in a timely manner, which allows for a more efficient registration process.  A late fee period provides a coordinator additional time to double check the overall registration status and encourage students who have not registered to get signed up for exams.   If students register after the late fee date, they will pay more to take exams, but they will still get the chance to take exams, where they may not if it was after the deadline.

Unfortunately, students have years of training that school, deadlines are negotiable, causing students and parents to not be concerned about registration deadlines.  They have not, however, had similar experiences with late fees, so they will usually rush to beat the late fee date.

You can set up late fee dates on the Late Fee Configuration page in the Fee and Payment Set-up section of the AP Registration Site Configuration. When considering late fees, remember that exams ordered after the College Board date will incur additional fees.  Schools often use a second late fee to cover these additional College Board order costs.  Some schools even report collecting enough in late fees to cover the cost of our registration service.

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