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A student record has an incorrect fee, payment, waiver. How do I edit a fee, payment or waiver?
Reference Number: AA-00153 Views: 16672 Created: 2012-01-31 00:00 Last Updated: 2014-01-02 15:12 50 Rating/ 1 Voters

There are occasionally times when a payment, waiver or fee gets recorded incorrectly or the wrong student.  Correcting an incorrect fee, waiver or payment is easily done using the Enter Payment Info utility in the Finance/Payment section of the Report Center.  Search for the student who needs the edit and click Payment to view the details for this student.

Many fees, payments and waivers can be edited/modified/removed by click on the edit icon Edit Payment/Feenext to the amount.  This will open a pop-up that shows the Original Amount and allows you to enter a New Amount for all the fees/payments that are editable.  You can then enter a New Amount (the amount the fee/payment should have been for and add a note or change the note if desired. 

Once you have entered the new amounts, scroll to the bottom and click preview changes.  In keeping with good accounting practices, TR will not delete or edit the old payment, but will enter another Fee/Payment/Waiver as a correction, changing the student's balance.  The preview page will show these new values.  Any new entries will be highlighted in yellow.  We encourage you to look over the additions, and review the new Total Fees, Total Payments and Balance Due.  If your edits have the desired effect, click Confirm/Save Changes.  If the new amounts did not have the expected result, click Discard Changes/Cancel.  This will allow you to start over.  

There are some fees and payments that do not have edit icons as they are not editable.  Exam fees are not editable.  If you need to remove Exam fee please edit the student's record and drop the exam or you can use the payment entry utility to record a waiver for the student.  For schools with payment processing, credit card transactions or checks recorded by TR are not editable as they are system generated and need to match with other systems.

The only fees/payments that can be deleted are "corrections" that were recorded by the system.  These are noted on the Enter Payments and Edit Payments/Fees page by the  icon.  Click on this icon will delete the correction.  You may then click the edit icon Edit Payment/Feeto start over.

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  • [ Becca]: Need to remove lunch fee waiver and update registration 2014-03-26 22:57 #

    I accidentally checked the box saying I was eligible for lunch fee waiver and submitted my registration for 2 tests. How do I update that so I can pay the registration fee? Deadline is midnight tonight!!

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