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How much technical expertise do I need to use Total Registration?
Reference Number: AA-00170 Views: 7348 Created: 2009-12-24 14:10 Last Updated: 2011-01-15 01:40 0 Rating/ Voters

Professionally Stylized

Total Registration's service is designed to be very easy to set-up and use.  Total Registration will do all of the technical work to set up your site including stylizing. 

Simple to Configure

The registration service is configured by answering a series of simple questions in an interview process.  The configuration is "pre-populated" with suggested settings and verbiage so that you can quickly configure your site.  Online help is available throughout the configuration process and an online knowledge base provides answers to most common questions and issues.

Easy to Manage

The AP Report Center is designed to provide all of the reports you could at the click of a button.  There is no longer a need to be an Excel expert in order to run the AP exam registration.  We have assembled all of the reports necessary to run a accurate and organized exam registration.  You can see how easy the AP Report Center is to use by logging in to the demo school and generating sample reports at

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