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Send email reminders to students who still need to pay.
Reference Number: AA-00224 Views: 17728 Created: 2010-02-26 08:30 Last Updated: 2011-01-15 02:02 0 Rating/ Voters

TR has created a Discrepancy Email that can be found in the Finances/Payments section of the AP Report Center.  This report allows you to send a form email to all students who have a balance due.  Emails will only be sent to students who have not paid their total fee.  Total Registration's system takes into account all fees, payments, waivers and refunds when calculating where a student is paid in full.

To use the "mail merge" part of this you will use the following format:

  • <firstname> - will be filled with each student's first name
  • <lastname> - will be filled with each student's first name
  • <balance> - will be filled with the balance a student still owes

We suggest only sending these emails after you have enter all the payments that have been made to date.  If payments have not been recorded by the administrator, students will receive an email even though they have submitted payment. To double check the payments made and payment information entry, it is best to run a Discrepancy Report to see who will be receiving these emails before you send them.

It is very important to be specific in this email, which should include the information:

  • When is payment due
  • Who should it be submitted to
  • How can students pay
  • What will happen if payment is not made (late fee, exams won't be ordered, etc.)
If you collected the parent's email addresses when the students registered, the discrepancy email can be sent to parents as well as the students.
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