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How does the Wait List feature work?
Reference Number: AA-00410 Views: 6497 Created: 2011-12-21 13:15 Last Updated: 2011-12-21 13:19 0 Rating/ Voters

In the General Info section of the AP Registration Configuration, there is a question "Allow students to signup for the waitlist after registration closes".  If you select "Yes" to this question, the registration will not "close" after your registration end date.  Instead, students will still be able to continue to "register".  However, all registrations after the end date will be automatically added to the Wait List.  These wait listed registrations will not be added to a roster until they are approve by the admin.  At the time of approval, the record will be recorded.  At this time students will need to be notified that they need to pay their exam fees.  Schools with payment processing can have students login at to pay their outstanding balance.

Most schools use this wait list in order to accommodate late exam requests after the order to the College Board has been placed.  For example at student requests to be added to the US History wait list.  This student's request can be approved if a different student decides to drop their exam.  This dropped exam can now be used for the student on the wait list.

Please use the Manage Wait-Listed Students in the Record Management section of the AP Report Center. The registration and fees will all be recorded when the wait list request is approved.  Students can be notified of this approval using the Email Confirm feature of the Database Management report under Record Management.

You can ignore wait list requests that you are not able to approve.  These will just stay pending and will not cause any problems in the system.

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