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How do I assign students to different testing rooms?
Reference Number: AA-00421 Views: 21833 Created: 2012-02-29 16:56 Last Updated: 2014-05-29 15:52 0 Rating/ Voters

Schools have the ability to assign students to different testing rooms or locations.  This especially useful for schools that have a large number of students taking a particular exam and the exam must be administered in more than one room or location.  There are few steps to assigning students to rooms.

Set-up the locations and rooms

The first step is to set up all your testing locations and rooms.  This is easily done at AP => Manage/Set-up AP Exams =>  Manage Exam Locations/Rooms .  Adding a location/room is as simple as clicking Add Location in the right corner above the table of locations.  This will bring up a page that is pre-populated with the schools address, but can be changed for a different testing location.  Be sure to add the Room Number.  Some schools will enter the room capacity in the notes for future reference.  You will repeat this for all the rooms you may use for exam administration.

Assign Particular Exams for Each Exam

The next step is to set-up the rooms that will be used for each exam.  This is done on at AP => Manage/Set-up AP Exams =>  Manage Exams => Edit.  Click edit next to the exam you wish to add a room to.  You can then use the drop-down to select a room.  If you need a second room click the "Add Another Room/Location" to get another drop-down to select another room.

Assigning Students to a Particular Room

The last step is to actually assign students to a particular room.  This is done at AP => AP Report Center => Assign Students to Rooms (in the Exams section).  Here you will pick an exam to assign students which will bring up a list of the students .  You can then check each student you wish to assign to a particular room (one room at a time) and click Nest.  You will then choose the Location/Room to assign these students to and click Record Location/Room Assignment.  

You will repeat these steps if you have students that need to be assigned to a different room.

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