Our school has an online school store with RevTrak. Can our students use the store to pay for their AP exam fees?


Total Registration, LLC and RevTrak have developed an integration that allows students to register for exams using Total Registration's AP exam registration service and then pay for these exams through the school's RevTrak store.  This integration has several advantages:

How does this integration work?

Students will begin by registering for their exams at the school's unique exam registration site provided by Total Registration.  Total Registration will calculate the exam fees and send the fee details to RevTrak.  Once students complete their registration, they are provided a confirmation page which has a "Pay Online Now" button for making payment.  When students click the payment button, they are transferred to the school's RevTrak store and a "shopping cart" with their exam fees.  The student/parent will then pay for their exams in the same way they do other items in the school store.  Once the transaction is complete, RevTrak will notify Total Registration and we will record that the student has paid for the exams. RevTrak will email credit card receipts to the cardholder.

RevTrak is a payment option convenient for both families and school staff.  Families can pay securely from home and schools no longer need to collect fees at school and enter payment information into the registration system.