How do we handle students who registered online but did not pay?


Total Registration recommends only ordering exams for students who are paid in full (paid or received waivers).  Our clients report that it is very difficult to collect fees after exams have been ordered, and even harder to collect after exams have been administered.  If you are very clear in communicating to students that exams will only be ordered if they are paid in full, you will have a much better chance of getting payment.

Using the Discrepancy Email tool in the AP Report Center makes it very easy to email all of the students who are not paid in full.  We suggest giving these students a deadline by which they have to pay and if after that deadline they still have not made payment, removing them from the database.  The Database Management tool makes it very easy to remove students from the database (this process can even be reversed).  Clients report that students tend to show-up with payment immediately after receiving an email that they need to pay or they will not be taking exams.

Online Payment Processing

Schools that have opted for online payment processing may direct students with a balance to, where the student will be able to login and pay their balance.