How do I charge a fee for late registrations?


TR has found that assessing a late fee is a great way to motivate students/parents to register early.

You can automatically charge a late using the Late Fee Info page in the Fee and Payment Set-up section of the AP Registration Site Configuration.  You can enter the date you wish the system to assess a late fee to any student registering after this deadline. 

If you would students to be able to register themselves online during the late fee period(s), it is important that the registration end date is set beyond the late fee date.  After the registration end date (set in the General Info Section) students cannot register themselves online and will need to come see you to register.

Late Example

Schools even have the ability to charge tiered late fees where the cost increases each week.  To set this up please click "Add Another Late Fee".  Please note that the late fees are not cumulative, in other words,  only the most recent late fee will be calculated, previous late fees will be ignored.

If you did not include the late fee in your initial set up of your registration site, you can still assess a late fee to students.  This article explains how to charge a late fee after the deadline has passed.